Clients Testimonials

I attended Paul’s Fearless Public Speaking one day workshop last year. Since then I have done a few bits of public speaking but nothing major. A few months ago I was asked to present at my company’s National Conference. I would be hosting in one of the rooms and introducing various sessions and speakers. Without hesitation I said “YES”! because Paul had given me the confidence in my own abilities that I could do this.

I have just returned from a 3 day conference and my speaking event. Wow. Not only did I stand on stage in front of 200 people and speak confidently and with authority (I even got a few the right places!)……. and I actually enjoyed it! I never thought that this would happen to me.

I was the child at school who was to scared to put her hand up even though I knew the answer as I didn’t want everyone looking at me.

If you have any blockages in your personal development, be it speaking in public or anything else I wholeheartedly recommend that you speak to Paul Spencer. He knows how to get you to think differently and move past your problem and feel ready to take on the world.

Thank you Paul. I will be forever grateful.

Penny Higgs

I have had the pleaseure of working with Paul on several occassions, Paul has really help me deal with personal issues following the death of my father, I have no heistation in recommending Paul to anyone who is at a point in their lives that they cannot move forward, Paul will help you deal with and move on from your issues.

Debbie Turner

I attended Paul’s ‘Fearless Public Speaking’ workshop on 22/5/16. I left highly confident that I could present with confidence to an audience of any size. The workbook is a useful reference point and the nuggets of wisdom are invaluable. I particularly enjoyed the guided practice sessions and learnt a great deal from the other attendees. Paul is an excellent trainer and I would highly recommend any training he delivers. The subject matter of this training was especially relevant to me and I am confident that I have some useful tools that I can continue to use for the future. Thank you Paul for helping me make this long-desired change!

Shahzadi Yousaf

Paul is just superb at what he does. A great listener, who hears you out then comes up with effective solutions that do the trick. There are so many examples of where Paul has made such a massive difference to peoples’ lives; in my case, he was worked with two family members, and on both occasions turned situations from a negative to a positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul J Spencer to anyone

Peter Jones

Putting it simply. Paul can dramatically change your life. Just ask him to speak to you.


I attended Pauls personal change workshop in November 2015. I needed help with my addiction to chocolate bars…. Since that day nearly six months ago, I have not eaten a bar of chocolate, and sometimes it was three a day….. what can I say – he is a superstar….whatever he did worked – and has made such a difference to my relationship with food, chocolate in particular. Thank you Paul – you are a star

Deb Hall

Paul is extremely helpful and clever seeing things in your business and private life you just don’t pick up. What is success? Well that’s what I found out whilst being with Paul and he has changed the way I think and feel about a great many things in a more positive way. Sometimes we all get very close to what we consider to be the right way to succeed in life but miss the fundamental part of why and get lost upon the way. Paul helps you see more clearly and gets you back on track. I have recommended Paul to many colleagues and friends as I believe he is truly a worthy inspiration to anyone in business or life, which gives me great confidence that he can help.Thanks for all your help Paul. Tony Guttman Managing Director Topcat Design Ltd

Tony Guttman

This is a testimonial for Paul J Spencer. I recently attended one of Paul’s Personal Change Workshops, which was inspiring, insightful and extremely valuable to me personally and in my business. The knowledge I gained from just listening to Paul was incredible and it explained many of the behaviour patterns of me and my partner. I can honestly say I was “wrung out” when i got home, but in a good way, having learned valuable lessons on how to deal with things that affect my business and it’s growth and my personal life. It is clear to me that the unconscious mind is the great “unknown” to most people but, thanks to Paul, I am now aware of just a very small fraction of what goes on in our conscious and unconscious minds. Thank you Paul for an inspirational day. I can honestly say that not since my days as a Samaritan have I ever felt it such a privilege to be in a room with so many honest people who were prepared to lay their thoughts and fears on the line and be helped by the amazing Paul j Spencer. It goes without saying that I will recommend Paul whenever i can.

June Stevenson-Taylor

It is my absolute pleasure to write a testimonial for Paul. A few weeks ago I asked Paul if he could come over to meet with a group of 14 of my friends who are independent business owners who were struggling with their mindset which meant their businesses were losing traction. The meeting was in Staffordshire at 8pm and even though Paul was coming over from Leicester which was at least an hour away, he was more than happy to accommodate my request. What I didn’t tell him was that half the group were sceptical of mindset coaching and the law of attraction, so his session wasn’t going to be easy for him. I didn’t have to worry though because within 10 minutes of the meeting everyone in the room were fully engaged and hanging off his words, unbelievable! Paul originally agreed to to give us an hour session but two and a half hours later he was still going, much to everyone’s delight! That in itself is a testament to his passion for what he does, as he really does care. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and has such a fantastic manner about him which enables people to open up and trust completely. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone, in fact I would urge everyone to see him, whether its for personal development or business growth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Paul, as you have already made a positive impact on our mindset and business, you certainly haven’t seen the last of us!

Rekha Haughton

I recently attended Paul’s Self Hypnosis workshop on 2/8/15. It was a fabulous experience! Not only did I enjoy Paul’s presentation but I also left with a far greater knowledge of how to apply self hypnosis more effectively in my daily life. A delicious lunch and a whole host of material to take away was a lovely addition. I thoroughly recommend Paul. Thank you Paul for a wonderful day, I look forward to enjoying the long term benefits of what i have gained.

Shahzadi Yousaf

I would like to pay tribute to Paul J Spencer, who spent two and a half hours working with my partner to overcome a fear of being driven on motorways (and it has nothing to do with my driving). It is a situation she has been trying to deal with for some years, and Paul is not the first person she has seen. Indeed she was quite skeptical when I recommended Paul, but she went through with her appointment. After seeing Paul, she could understand why I spoke so highly of him, and was so insistent that she met him. Without going into detail Paul discovered what lies behind her fear of being driven on a motorway and worked on doing something about it. Kim arrived home at 5.30pm having seen Paul in the afternoon. By 6.30pm we put it to the test and went for a spin in the car which involved deliberately driving on the M42 and M6. It’s crazy but it’s true: It worked! Kim not only sat in the front seat but she was fine throughout. That was 3 weeks ago and she has been a much better passenger since her meeting with Paul and the result of seeing paul has already made a big difference and that is fantastic.

Peter Jones

I have met Paul in February at The Best You Expo 2016. That day his seminar had inspired me so much that I wanted to chat to him about my problem straight away.

He was very welcoming, helpful, patient, kind and straight to the point what I needed. With his encouragement I began my first step towards a big challenge. Within weeks I used his services which not only felt very friendly, safe, comfortable but such an eye opening experience.

Paul has an incredible skill to put you into such an ease, listens to your needs, gently guides you in a way that you get to see things from a different angle where you find the strength and solutions to your problems. The fear just goes. At last but not least, he is there all the way to support you and encourage you whenever you need it with such an understanding and warm way. He had helped me to get through something really huge in my life and I will always be so grateful to him. Anyone is very lucky to be using his services!!

Adrienn Lakatos

I recently attended Paul’s self hypnosis course. Not only did I enjoy the course very much but I think that the skills I have learned will have more impact on my personal and business life than any other course that I have attended. The tools and skills that he taught me are “mind blowing” and have the potential to make my life changing wishes, possible!

Gurdip Chamba

I’d suffered for years with low self esteem and weight problems that I knew were down to emotional eating, but somehow couldn’t break the cycle. After spending an afternoon with Paul and talking it through, it seemed like I had a lightbulb moment, and couldn’t believe how something so seemingly insignificant had held me back for so many years. Almost immediately it felt like a huge weight had been lifted, and I was in a much more positive state of mind. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to help anyone with whatever their problem may be.

Tracy Andrews

Paul met with me to discuss my then phobia of birds … My goal was to be able to go on holiday with my wife and be able to eat a meal outside area of the restaurant without running inside whenever a bird passed by or flew near …. Paul had a very relaxed approach and made me feel at ease during the 1 hour 30 minute session and displayed excellent listening skills. After the session with Paul the following day i went with my wife to the park and fed the birds. Yes fed the birds WOW . More recently i have just returned off holiday where i with my wife sat outside during every single meal with birds flying and walking in and out right by us. I was not one bit focussed on the birds and not bothered by there presence. Birds no longer interest me . Paul has actually enhanced my quality of life and both myself and my wife jill thank him so much and can highly recommend him . Kind regards Simon Carnall

Simon Carnall

I had the pleasure of being part of one of Paul’s training courses. I found it useful, enlightening, highly engaging and thoroughly enjoyable. I am able to apply the lessons learnt in my everyday life. I strongly recommend Paul and look forward to being part of his next course.

Shahzadi Yousaf