Personal Change Audio’s

My Personal Change Audio’s are designed to take you on an a journey to personal change. Using the power of relaxation music and hypnotic language, I will guide you into a relaxed state. Once you are relaxed and you have closed your “Critical Mind” I will then start giving you powerful hypnotic suggestions whilst stimulating your brain with Binaural Beats. As you progress through the audio your unconscious mind will take the suggestions and start taking action on them. The final stage of the audio is to let you go deeper into a sleep state so that you will enjoy a deep relaxing sleep. When you awake the suggestions will start to shape your thinking and your new choices will become your new reality. For best results listen to the audio files as you go to sleep at night, you do not need to listen to the audio, just relax and allow the audio work whilst you are asleep. I highly recommend using stereo headphones to listen to the files to gain the best result from the hypnotic recordings.