03 Jun, 2016 in News

Hi there, the following blog is an (as written) testimonial from a young man that recently attended one of my workshops. I would like to thank him for his kind words and so please he received the result he was looking for;

I joined Paul’s one-day course on ‘Fearless Public speaking’, I was though looking forward for it but had no clear expectation other than that I will know some more tricks, tips and tools to do better on stage after doing the course. I was not in anyway prepared for amazing day ahead, filled with lot of surprises.

We were group of 10 people; Paul chose a small group because of his consultative approach for giving each individual in-depth attention. I found people from diverse background, with different personality, diverse nationality but having only a thing in common everyone was more or less either had phobia of public speaking or was sincerely wanting to overcome some impediments in their public speaking style. With my initial interaction with people I found out most of us were expecting this session to be the another workshop like many we have attended but we couldn’t be more wrong, because by end of the day I have seen transformation not in 1 but in 10 people’s life, in their stage presence, their public speaking skill soaring from bottom to zenith in mere 8 hours, the extreme boast of confidence what is more important and amazing by the end of seminar everyone wanted to go on stage, to speak, to share their view. I have witnessed amazing seismic shift in people’s attitude, when fear, negativity and limiting attitude was replaced by love, positivity and confidence behind the scene very insidiously by humble magician Paul leaving transformed confident personalities behind.

Paul asked me in the middle of seminar, how you feel Abhishek, how is this experience for you? All I could say was ‘Liberating’. Paul is an ace master of his craft, a genuine teacher who take interest in each of his pupil. He not only enlightens you on what’s not going right with your speech, dialogue delivery, speaking style, attitudes etc but also he liberates you from clutches of all limiting beliefs, age old negative thoughts, intrinsic fears which eventually is beneficial for not only public speaking but also life in general. Especially Paul’s genius lies in the way he does the above, He incorporates highest of laws and theories of public speaking in most practical way possible, coupled with a very consultative approach for each one of the participants working on each of them separately. Best way to put it is that he will develop an exclusive suit for you- tailored made just for ‘YOU’, advices which are applicable to you individually as he knows that suit for Jack won’t necessarily fit the Jill, Jill’s suit maybe loose for Jack.

I will like to share some real incidents. At the start of seminar, most of participants were fumbling even to introduced themselves. Among those was one of my dear friend. My good friend is a very nice man, always happy and jovial, garrulous but He loses his entire personality and charm when he goes on stage and all He can do is to mutter a line or two. It was a very touching moment when he gave his first business speech, on stage describing what he does for living from past 25 years and how good and proud he is of it- He is best in the business. But hardly ever he had ever overcome his hesitation to say the same to his clients until now- TODAY, but it won’t be same anymore, his speech finish with thunderous claps.
Another incident is of a lady at top of her profession, she had a very quiet demure, soft spoken. she knew things in & out about everything in business but what was lacking was courage to express her views, her business. It was astonishing to see, during the course of boot camp, her meek voice had regained the long lost strength and most of things which she perceived as her weakness were now playing as her strength.

I highly recommend this workshop to everyone, no matter which stage of public speaking you are in, whether you are a beginner or an accomplished speaker trying to hone his skill, you will gain a lot from this workshop. This course must for students, managers, housewife, businessman, professional speakers, introverts & extroverts, young and old alike. One will certainly be able to create positivity, establish credible image, be able to present simple and complex information across, speak one’s mind freely, learn body language and speaking fearlessly on stage and what’s more important everyone will experience a day where everything is positive, everyone is helping and all happenings empowering. Thank you very much Paul.