One 2 One

Step 1. Finding Out How I Can Help You!

The first step in helping you make those amazing changes in your life, is to explain to me exactly what is going on now, so that we can assess the best way to help you, make those all important changes in your life.

Some of the services below incur a cost but if you decide to work with me to make the changes, then the Initial Consultation fees are refunded when you pay for the Personal Change Intervention. The reason I do this is to encourage people with real problems to come forward and dis-encourage people that just want someone to talk too!

Emailing me is by far the easiest way of connecting with me to receive some support, and it is totally FREE. By Emailing me it means that I can respond to you, when I have time in-between my busy schedule. If you have not had a reply from me within 48 hours then please feel free to text me, just in case my email security thought your email was spam. Select the button below to send me an email.
I spend several hours a day in the car, this could be the perfect time for you to speak to me, so that you can explain what changes you would like to make in your life. To book a Drive Time Call with me select the button below, pay your £25.00 fee and I will then send you an calendar request so that you can select a time that suits you.
Many people like to use Skype as a communication medium. In the first instance I am happy to offer you a reduced fee Skype call for up to 1 hour - for a fee of just £50.00 - To book your Skype call please select the button below, make your payment and then I will send you a calendar request so that you can select a time that suits you.
Meeting me in Person is the ideal way to explain and uncover what changes you need to make to achieve your desired outcome. I live and operate mainly in the Midlands, so most people can get to me within a few hours of travelling. I offer a 1 hour introductory session for a special price of just £100.00. To book your Personal Session select the button below, pay your fee and I will then send you an calendar request so that you can select a time that suits you.

Step 2. Making The Changes!

Once we have identified the specific changes that you want to make, I will work out an "Intervention Strategy" for you - simply put, this is a process of techniques that will guide you through the changes that you want to make. We then agree when to meet up and we make the changes!

I do not believe in lots of sessions spread over several weeks, I know that the most effective way to make the changes is to do them in one session. Intervention sessions can last from anywhere between 1 - 8 hours depending on the complexity of the underlying problem. I will advise you during the consultation phase how long you will need to allocate.

I charge approximately £200 an hour for the Intervention Service - At the bottom of the page you will see a link to typical costs for typical problems.

One of my Unique Offers is that once I quote you a fee for an Intervention, then that is the fee you pay, regardless to how long it takes to complete the change!

Step 3. Lifetime Support

The success that you receive from the work we do together is crucial for both of us. For you it is important that you know that the time and money you are investing in the service is well spent. From my perspective, having a totally satisfied client that makes positive and profound changes in their life, provides me with a deep feeling of intense satisfaction.

That is why your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed - for LIFE!

I promise to give a 100% refund on your "Initial Consultation" as part of my service to you. In other words, the fee that you originally paid for me to understand your problem - will be deducted off the cost of the Intervention Service.
I provide you with a Fixed Price Guarantee, which means that the price I quote you for doing the changes is the price you pay, regardless as to how long the session takes. I will communicate this when you are booking your session and will also advise you the maximum time you should allocate for the session. If it takes longer, then it is at my cost, if it takes less time then hey, your problem has gone quicker than you expected!
I provide a unique LIFETIME GUARANTEE with all my Personal Change Interventions. I am so confident that your Intervention will be a success that I promise to provide you lifetime free support to the problem that we have worked on. I provide this guarantee so that you can be assured that you will receive the result that you are looking for, which means that you really do have nothing to loose and absolutely everything to gain!

Typical Costs & Problems

To find out what I typically charge and how long it takes to fix typical problems, click the button below. Depending on the complexity of a problem, the costs and times may vary.

Remember the cost of your Initial Consultation will be refunded off the Intervention Cost - Once I agree a price, the price is fixed - but the time allocated is not. You are paying me to fix the problem and I will not stop until the problem has gone, regardless as to how long it takes me to do that!

And, you have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that the problem will not come back!